Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crazy, But True Car Insurance Claims!

Below are just some of the crazy, but true car insurance claims which Motor Quote Direct's clients have reported…

When Animals Attack…

A huge variety of animals have been blamed for causing damage to cars, and indeed causing accidents:

"I was passing through a country lane, where a farmer was herding his cows. A couple of them seemed a bit lively, and weren't particularly keen to be herded where the farmer wanted them to go… Instead they made a bee-line for my car (which had obviously offended them in some way) - and decided to lean, push against and butt it. Despite the farmer's best efforts to control his cattle, my car suffered several dents and scratches and a wing mirror was knocked clean off!"

"I was sat in a traffic jam, and felt something sort of tickling my leg… I looked down, and screamed - it was a spider. In a blind panic I tried to get it off me, and inadvertently drove into the back of the car in front of me."

"I was driving down a residential road, when a dog ran out into the road without warning. I swerved and avoiding hitting the dog; but unfortunately hit a lamp post head on."

"I had taken my cat to the vet in her carrying basket, and left her in the car whilst I made nipped into the supermarket. However the latch on the basket obviously wasn't closed properly - as the cat escaped the basket and decided to claw and scratch my leather seats to shreds".

Doing it for the Kids

It seems that children cause their fair share of accidents too -

"My kids were arguing in the back seat, and it was sending me bonkers. I turned round to give them what for, and accidentally got a bit close to a couple of parked cars scraping the full length of them."

Getting in Deep Trouble

Another common problem seems to be those streets close to rivers which are liable to flooding.

"I'd been driving for a couple of hours and was feeling tired so I pulled over to catch 40 winks. I woke up and was shocked to find water lapping at my feet, inside the car."

Steve Pratt from Motor Quote Direct says "The stories which come out surrounding people's car insurance claims never fails to amuse me."

"It goes to show that the unbelievable really can happen - so it's important to make sure you've got the right car insurance cover".

Stranger than Fiction

"We've seen everything from fruit, to livestock, to freight boxes falling off the lorries and causing damage to people's cars; you really couldn't make it up!"

For most car insurers, it is amazing for them to receive the many unbelievable car insurance claims that are launched against their policies. Although they are often bizarre at times, it is a known fact in the insurance industry that people will try to do make whatever claims they can in order to try and ‘joop’ the insurance company with their chosen policies.

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